Tuesday, September 26, 2006

SEO / SEM glossary Part 2

As I promised, this is second part of SEO /SEM terminologies. These are useful words which can be used while communicating with other SEO Professionals , your boss(he may be unaware of them!!) or to your friends(Who know nothing about SEO).

Flux - A term describes the shuffling of positions in search engine results in between major updates.

G - Google, also known as The Big G or The Mighty G.

Google Algorithm - A mathematical formula used in calculating search engine ranking. The goal of any SEOP is to understand the algorithm as best as possible. Algorithms of course are very closely guarded secrets and possibly you’ll never meet anyone who has "cracked" an algorithm. Search engine algorithms change regularly to prevent anyone from guessing the system.

Grey bar - A Google PR score that can indicate a ban in place on the page currently being viewed; i.e. the page does not appear in Google search results.

Grey hat - Optimization strategies that are in a unknown area of reputability/validity.

IBL - Inbound Link. Links pointing from another site into your site.

KDA - Keyword Density Analyzer or Analysis. The ratio of keywords or keyphrases in relation to other text on a page.

Keyword/Keyphrase - A word or words that strongly relate to a page/site topic or search engine query.

Keyword Stuffing - Where a keyword or phrase is used excessively in page content or alt tags in an attempt to gain higher rankings. Can result in page penalties or bans.

Landing pages - Pages that are optimized and very targeted towards a particular subject. An effective/valid site optimization and sales conversion strategy.

Link Farms - Pages that consists of little else but links to other sites and usually the sites listed have links back to the farm page. The goal of a link farm is to artificially boost rankings through link popularity and is consequently at risk of penalty or ban.

Link popularity - A gauge of a site's popularity based on the number of inbound links. Link popularity is a major factor in search engine ranking and has greater strength (in theory) where inbound links are from other quality sites.

Meta tag - These mainly refer to the title, keywords and description tags. They are summary of the content that is on the page in different formats. Metatags content does play a role in rankings for many search engines.

MSN - A reference to Microsoft's search engine.

Mirror Site - A copy of a site with some content differences to target particular keywords. Not a recommended strategy as it can trigger a penalty or ban.

OBL - Outbound Link. A link pointing from your site to another site.

ODP - Open Directory Project - DMOZ

Off-page factors - Factors such as inbound links and the popularity of sites with links pointing into your site that you have little control over, but that still play a role in your site’s rankings.

On-page factors - A reference to the elements on your site and their role in your rankings, for example, Meta Tags, Code Cleaning relevance etc.

OOP - Over Optimization Penalty. Where a search engine algorithm detects that changes you are making to a page or the way the page is constructed is to influence rankings over being useful to a site visitor.

Organic search results - the results displayed after a search engine query that are not paid for by the listed site's owner.

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Author : Prashant Main

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SEO / SEM glossary Part 2 SEO / SEM glossary Part 2 SEO / SEM glossary Part 2 SEO / SEM glossary Part 2 SEO / SEM glossary Part 2 SEO / SEM glossary Part 2


At 9/26/2006, Blogger rau123 said...

Hi Prash,

Gr8 Work...useful information


At 9/28/2006, Blogger Webmaster said...

nice work man........
Good to reag SEO glossary

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