Friday, October 06, 2006

SEO / SEM glossary Part 3

P2P - Pay To Play. Any search engine marketing strategy that requires payment to the search engine company.

Pagejacking - the copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site.

PFI - Pay For Inclusion. Payment paid to a search engine company for inclusion in search results.

PPCSE - Pay Per Click Search Engine.

PR / PageRank™ - A ranking used by Google that is meant to act as indication of the quality of a site and its authority status.

PR 0 / PageRank Zero - Another term relating to Google PageRank. It can indicate that a page has been spidered but appearing in general results as yet, or could also possibly indicate a penalty.

Reciprocal link - An agreement between two sites to exchange links between them. Sites exchanging links can risk a penalty or ban if they are not related topic with each other.

ROAD / ROI - Return on Advertising Dollar, or Return on Investment. The measure of effective of expenditure vs. the number of visitors received or sales.

SE - Search engine

SEM - Search Engine Marketer/Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEOP - Search Engine Optimization Professional. Someone who claims to have the skills to increase a clients' search engine rankings.

SEP - Seach Engine Placement (or Positioning/Promotion)

SERPs - Search Engine Results Pages. The pages that display after a query is submitted.

Spamming the index - Related to black hat optimization techniques. Pages that have high ranking but are non-relevant or exist purely to redirect traffic to other sites.

Spider - A software program used by search engine companies to visit web sites and return information about pages.

Stop words - Common non-query specific words that are ignored by a search engine when a query is made. These can include words such as “I”, “and”, “if” depending on how the query is constructed.

Submission - The process by which a search engine is manually notified of a new site or page.

URL - Uniform Resource Locator. The web address of a site or page.

White hat - legitimate optimization techniques employed that are agreeable to search engine companies, such as the proper use of meta-tags, an adequate keyword saturation and spider friendly page design.

As you see, the SEO and SEM field has a language all of it's own. I hope this glossary had given answers to some of your queries. Is there a term not listed you'd like explained? You're welcome to contact me and I'll try to add it in next update.

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Author : Prashant Main

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