Monday, October 30, 2006

Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM)

I am very much thankful to all you people for appretiation. This is my next series of SEO glossary. I have tried to add terminologies more related to SEO field as well as for Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense.

This is first part of terminologies used in Affiliated Marketing.

Affiliate - A website owner that earns a commission for referring clicks, leads or sales to a merchant.

Affiliate Agreement - Terms between a merchant and an affiliate that govern the relationship.

Affiliate Fraud - Bogus activity generated by an affiliate in an attempt to generate illegitimate, unearned revenue.

Affiliate Information Page - A page (or pages) on a website that explains, clearly and concisely, what the affiliate program is all about.

Affiliate Link - A piece of code residing in a graphic image or piece of text that is placed on an affiliate's Web page, notifying the merchant that an affiliate should be credited for the customer or visitor sent to their website.

Affiliate Manager - The manager of an affiliate program who is responsible for creating a newsletter, establishing incentive programs, forecasting and budgeting, overseeing front-end marketing of the program and monitoring the industry for news and trends.

Affiliate Merchant - The advertiser in an affiliate marketing relationship.

Affiliate Program (also an “associate,” “partner,” “referral” or “revenue sharing program”) - A plan where a merchant pays a commission to an affiliate for generating clicks, leads or sales from a graphic or text link located on the affiliate's site.

Affiliate Program Directory - A list of affiliate programs, featuring information such as the commission rate, number of affiliates and affiliate solution provider. Associate-It, and Refer-it are among the largest affiliate program directories.

Affiliate Solution Provider - A company that provides the network, software and services needed to create and track an affiliate program.

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Author : Prashant Main

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Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM) Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM) Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM) Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM) Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM) Affiliate Glossary (SEO / SEM)


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