Tuesday, December 19, 2006

SEO / SEM glossary Part 7

These are some more SEO / SEM terminologies.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - A document that answers the most common questions on a particular subject.

Gateway Page - A Web page created in hopes of ranking well for a term in a search engine’s non-paid listings. Sometimes called a “doorway page.”

Geographical Targeting - The analytical process of deciding upon which regions and locales a company should focus its marketing efforts.

Geographical Segmentation - The ability to determine from which geographical area Web traffic is coming.

Graphical Search Inventory - Banners and other advertising units that can be synchronized to search keywords.

Hidden Text - The deceptive process of filling Web pages with keywords that are not visible to visitors but will still be indexed by search engines to help achieve higher rankings.

Hit - Request from a Web server for a graphic or other element to be displayed on a Web page.

HTML Code - The code used to build Web pages. Affiliates use HTML code to put links on their websites. Affiliate solution providers often provide a tool so that affiliates can simply copy the code for an affiliate link and paste it into their own HTML pages.

Hybrid Model - An affiliate commission model that combines payment options (i.e., CPC and CPA).

Impression - An advertising metric that indicates how many times an advertising link is displayed.

Index - The collection of information a search engine has that can be queried against.

In-house - An alternative to using an affiliate solution provider; building an affiliate program architecture within a company.

Interactive Agency - An agency offering a mix of Web design and development, Internet advertising and online marketing, or e-business/e-commerce consulting.

Interstitial - An advertisement that loads between two content pages.

Keyword Marketing - A method of getting your message in front of people who are searching using particular words or terms.

Lifetime Value of a Customer - The amount of sales in dollars that a customer will spend with a particular company over their lifetime.

Listing - The information that appears on a search engine’s results page in response to a search.

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Author : Prashant Main

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