Friday, December 29, 2006

SEO / SEM glossary Part 8

This is more addition to SEO / SEM terminologies.

Manual Approval - An affiliate application approval process where all applicants are manually approved for an affiliate program.

Merchant - An online business that markets and sells goods or services. Merchants establish affiliate programs as a cost-effective method to get consumers to purchase a product, register for a service, fill out a form or visit a website.

Mini-site - A prefabricated HTML page for affiliates that displays new or specialized products with integrated affiliate links.

Paid Inclusion - Advertising program where pages are guaranteed to be included in search engine’s index in exchange for payment.

Paid Listings - Listings that search engines sell to advertisers, usually through paid placement or paid inclusion.

Paid Placement - Advertising program where listings are guaranteed to appear in response to a particular search term with high ranking, typically obtained by paying more than other advertisers. This is most often done in an auction or bidding environment.

Payment Threshold - The minimum accumulated commission an affiliate must earn to trigger payment from an affiliate program.

Pay Per Click - A program where an affiliate receives a commission for each click (visitor) they refer to a merchant's website. Pay-per-click programs generally offer some of the lowest commissions (from 1 cent to 25 cents per click), and a very high conversion ratio since visitors need only click on a link to earn the affiliate a commission.

Pay Per Lead - A program where an affiliate receives a commission for each sales lead that they generate for a merchant website. Examples would include completed surveys, contest or sweepstakes entries, downloaded software demos, or free trials. Pay-per-lead generally offers midrange commissions and midrange to high conversion ratios.

Pay Per Sale - A program where an affiliate receives a commission for each sale of a product or service that they refer to a merchant's website. Pay-per-sale programs usually offer the highest commissions and the lowest conversion ratio.

Podcasting - A form of audio broadcasting using the Internet. Podcasting, which does not require the use of an Apple iPod, involves making one or more audio files available as "enclosures" in an RSS feed, which can be played back by the RSS subscriber at their convenience on an MP3 device.

Pop-Up Ad - An advertisement that displays in a new browser window.

Portal - A website that typically includes a catalog of websites, a search engine or both. A portal site may also offer email and other services to entice people to use that site as their main point of entry to the Web.

Position - How well a particular Web page or website is listed in a search engine’s results. Positions 1 through 10 are the most visible and the most desirable.

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Author : Prashant Main

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SEO / SEM glossary Part 8 SEO / SEM glossary Part 8 SEO / SEM glossary Part 8 SEO / SEM glossary Part 8 SEO / SEM glossary Part 8 SEO / SEM glossary Part 8


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